Are you New to Business ?
Are you a Budding Entrepreneur setting up your Dream Company ?

Is it B2B or B2C ? 
We have a platter to cater to you
SHRARA offers a comprehensive solution to meet all your needs. We deliver distinctive services essential for any company.
SHRARA fulfills the essential requirements we once struggled with when launching our own venture. We’ve transformed these challenges into a service for others, allowing them to tackle the tough aspects effortlessly and concentrate on their other needs.


We Have the Knowledge, Expertise and Experience

Visa Stamping, Dropbox and Appointments

• In-person & Drop-box Appointments
• DS 160: Filling
• Filing eVisa

Value Added Services

• Procuring ISO certifications for your Company
• Preserving your Intellectual property with IP, Trademark
  and Copyright

Documentation Solutions

• Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction
• Completion within 2 Business Days
• Streamlined and Easy Process

Digital Marketing Solutions

• Designing Web Page, the face of your company
• E-mail Marketing
• Help with Marketing in all social media handles

Background Check

• Verification of Education & Employment
• Criminal Background Check
• Verification of Physical Address and Photo ID

Drug Test

• Pre-Employment and Post-Employment Drug Screening
• 5, 6, 7 and 10 Panel Drug Testing
• Support with DOT Audits

Logistics Solutions

• We provide doorstep pickup and delivery services
• Let us manage the entire process from start to finish
• We collaborate with 3 reputable carriers: DHL, FedEx, & UPS

Managed Service Providers/Resellers

• Resellers of Cloud Services: G-Suite, AWS, HP, Dell, ADP
• Service Now and Salesforce
• Discounts for all these softwares


Customer is King


We understand that there is only one boss for our business – the Customer. We are deeply customer focused and with growing demand, we are committed to provide outstanding customer service.

Technology Driven


We take pride in ensuring 100% data accuracy and bringing in human intervention along with technology to deliver the best results. Our platform is built on customers referring to new prospects from time to time and with customer satisfaction as top priority.

Compliance Focus


Compliance is just the by-product of good work. Our comprehensive compliance plan ensures the safety of customer data while maintaining the highest legal and ethical standards.


Global Expertise


We have the logistical capacity to deliver globally, at the same time managing them at the local level, understanding the region, its diverse cultures, screening differences, and nuances.

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SHRARA provides all kinds of background screening services to businesses across Global. We are focused. We are agile. We are helpful.



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We are eager to partner with you and your company to take your business to the next level with several service offerings: Documentation Solutions, Background Checks, Drug Tests globally, Logistics Solutions, ISO Certifications, Intellectual Property (IP), Copyright, Patent, & Trademark Services including Digital Marketing Tailored for Small & Medium sized Business (SMBs) apart from assisting NRIs.

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