Employee Background Verification and Screening

See how our background checks for your employees and consultants can help your hiring process more efficiently and quickly in a cost-effective manner.

Conduct background checks for your employees at scale with our candidate-first, digital employee screening solutions fit for hybrid and remote workplaces. Be it instant ID verification, education checks, reference checks or digital address verification for employees —automation, smooth integration and data security will strength your employee verification and onboarding process at every step. Technologies like optical character recognition (OCR), image recognition, face match, document classification, digital signatures will result in time and cost efficiency for your HR function. This can make your background screening process seamless, scalable, and more secure.

Key Checks for Employee Background Verification

We strength your background screening process with real-time verification capabilities. Our database-driven checks produce accurate results 10X faster and you may conduct thousands of BGV verifications in minutes. Our sophisticated name-match algorithms are trained to catch geographical and regional nuances. Raising background checks in bulk is also easy with automation on our digital platforms. These checks can be taken off-the-shelf or customised into packages.

Education Check

Employment Check

Criminal DB Check

Physical Address Check

Reference Check

ID Verification

PAN Card Check

Driving License Check

Passport Check

Voter ID Check



We are eager to partner with you and your company to take your business to the next level with several service offerings: Documentation Solutions, Background Checks, Drug Tests globally, Logistics Solutions, ISO Certifications, Intellectual Property (IP), Copyright, Patent, & Trademark Services including Digital Marketing Tailored for Small & Medium sized Business (SMBs) apart from assisting NRIs.

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