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ISO Certification

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a globally recognized organization that develops international standards for quality control. Established in 1947, ISO promotes international industrial and commercial standards.

Key Benefits of ISO Certification for SMBs

  • Streamlined paperwork and focus on outcomes with ISO 9001:2015
  • High flexibility, making ISO certification accessible for small businesses
  • Emphasis on organizational growth beyond commercial operations
  • Facilitates entry into international markets

Choose the right ISO certification for your business

  • ISO 9001 ensures customer satisfaction and high-quality products and services
  • ISO 14001 establishes an effective environmental management system
  • ISO 27001 defines best practices for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)
  • Trademarks, patents, and copyrights protect intellectual property and promote innovation

ISO Certification

The International Organization for Standardization is a globally recognized, autonomous organization that develops a variety of international standards for quality control. It is made up of many countries’ official standards organizations. The ISO, which was founded in 1947, develops and promotes international industrial and commercial standards.

ISO Standards: The ISO series of the International Organization for Standardization specifies a collection of standards for a Quality Management System based on the process model.

Customer Satisfaction: ISO certification places a high priority on ensuring customer satisfaction for any general product or service.

Ensure Quality: A certified quality management system displays an entity’s dedication to high-quality products and services, as well as customer satisfaction.

Meet Tender Eligibility Requirements: ISO certification is a must before doing business with a new vendor and is required for access to international markets.

Grow Your Business: ISO certification aids in a company’s ability to win both commercial and governmental contracts.

Operational Efficiency: ISO certification helps an organization increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


International Accreditation Forum is known as IAF. IAF is the most well-known organization among international accreditation organizations, which are in charge of determining if various aspects of quality management systems are in compliance. An ISO Certification awarded by an accreditation authority that is an IAF member is more valuable and well-known worldwide. Even so, government officials favor it for proving eligibility for government contracts.

Business Expansion

It has become quite challenging to find a global customer for the local goods outside of the national borders. In today’s cut throat global market, customers want a premium product with zero defects. Here, ISO accreditation is essential for increasing your company’s global reach. Before placing a purchase, buyers can be confident in the product’s international quality thanks to the ISO Certification label. ISO accreditation might facilitate your entry into international markets in this manner.


Evidently, the most recent ISO 9001 version, ISO 9001:2015, is significantly more profitable for small and medium-sized businesses. There are countless advantages for small enterprises, including

  • ISO 9001:2015 standard is less formal in terms of paperwork and sheds light on the outcomes
  • Small businesses, particularly those involved in the provision of services, can quickly adapt to this ISO certification standard due to its high degree of flexibility
  • Rather than just emphasizing commercial operations, ISO certification 9001:2015 offers all relevant rules for organizational growth
  • In fact, because to its ease of use, many small enterprises are increasingly implementing ISO certification 9001. Additionally, it helps more in reaching goals that the target audience can see. Learn more about ISO certification

Identify the right ISO Certification for your business

ISO Code
Certification Description
 ISO 9001A company’s goods and services satisfy consumer expectations and raise client satisfaction
ISO 14001A framework for an organization to follow in order to establish an effective environmental management system.
OHSAS 18001A company to demonstrate to its clients that it has an effective health and safety management system
ISO 20000The demonstration of excellence and the demonstration of best practices in IT, as well as the enhancement of IT service delivery
ISO 22000A company to demonstrate to its clients that it has excellent food safety management
ISO 27001A company’s best practices for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)
CE MarkingAny trademark is a manufacturer’s confirmation that the product has met the necessary requirements of the appropriate European health, safety, and environmental protection benchmark
ISO 50001Standard outlines the finest energy management practices, which show how using energy effectively may help businesses save money, save resources, and combat climate change


Intellectual Property [IP]

Intellectual property law is concerned with laws that protect and enforce the rights of the inventors and owners of inventions, writing, music, drawings, and other works known as “intellectual property.” Copyright, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets are all types of intellectual property.


A registered copyright work is both an intangible asset and intellectual property. You will protect the artistic creation from infringement and unlawful replication by copyrighting it. Furthermore, you can safely provide people permission to utilize your work on a franchise or royalty basis under your own terms and conditions. In fact, you can sell your work to others for a profit.


A patent registration assists in converting an innovation into an intellectual property right, which grants you the exclusive right to commercialize your product and legally extract profits from it. Your patent registration is valid for 20 years, during which time you will have the sole commercial and legal right to use your idea.


A trademark is a word, logo, design, or combination of colors or shapes that symbolizes the originality of a brand or product and distinguishes it from competitors. A company’s most valuable asset is its globally recognized trademark. Customers can readily distinguish your items or services amid competing products if you have a unique Trademark.


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